Our philosophy of branding:

  • A brand is a promise: a successful brand elicits an expectation in the mind of the audience or customer; and that expectation must be met in the form of a consistently-delivered value proposition.
  • A brand is a singular identity: like a fingerprint, a brand should differentiate and define. Everything that is communicated about that brand should reinforce its singular identity.
  • A brand should be both inspiring and aspiring: the brand should inspire others to engage with it, and at the same time create a vision for what's next.
  • A brand should be narrow but scalable: the more focused the brand, the more powerful; however it should also be expandable to the potential of the product or company.
  • A brand must be alive. It must be adaptive, flexible, and dynamic.
  • A brand is reinforced by consistent positive outcomes. A brand is familiar. It is comforting and welcoming and protects against unpleasant surprises.
  • Brand strategy and company strategy must be in alignment.
  • A brand must be internalized and lived by the stakeholders in order to be real and relevant to the target audience: stakeholder buy-in and involvement in execution is key to a successful brand campaign.

A branding campaign can only be successful if it is truly adopted by the stakeholders and managers. Those responsible for communicating the brand should be provided with consistent messaging. The brand manager must exploit market opportunities (with the help of a cross-functional team), monitor the competition, and deliver against sales/share/profit projections.

Let Geo Strategy Partners determine your strategic positioning and the architecture on which you can build your brand strategy.