You’ve built a strong business. What is your exit strategy?

  • Do you have a successor capable of taking over the reins?
  • Is the successor an employee or a family member?
    • Does the successor require grooming? How long will that take?
  • How much of a stake will the successor acquire- and at what cost?
  • What is the timeline for transfer of power?
  • If there is no successor, how should one approach the search for an outside buyer? Is a transitional consulting/training period where you're still on board advisable?
  • Under what structure and for what value will you consider transferring ownership, and over what timeline?

Geo Strategy Partners brings clarity to the process of succession planning. We help you understand your firm’s true market value, and the exit options available to you. We support you as you develop a succession plan, notify employees/family, or begin the search for an outside buyer.