Geo Strategy Partners approach to middle market private company sales guarantees client representation by a team of experienced professionals with global market reach, and a process that maximizes the value from a company sale.

The advantages to our approach to middle market company sales are as follows:

  • We demystify the process for you. If you have never sold a company before, we simplify the steps you must take, and we take the time to explain the “what” and the “why.”
  • We allow you to keep your attention focused on running your business while we manage the process and provide a buffer between you and potential buyers- thereby increasing your ultimate negotiating leverage.
  • Our global market research and analysis capabilities allow us to identify a comprehensive long-list of potential buyers who have the potential for strategic fit from the same or adjacent industry sectors.
  • Our disciplined process creates a competitive market: forcing suitors to deliver a best first offer in a blind process.
  • Market analysis and segmentation
  • Our experience in negotiation and deal structure minimizes the risk of a due diligence “haircut," a negative occurrence late in the process which frequently befalls a first-time seller attempting a sale to a sophisticated buyer.

We approach the process with the same care as if it were selling our own company. We know… how you get there.