What is a private company worth? Ultimately, value is the amount the seller is willing to accept and the buyer is willing to pay. At Geo Strategy Partners, we approach valuation using industry-established methods to determine value, and apply those most suitable to the specific situation. We analyze your business (sell side) or your target’s business (buy side) and determine the key drivers of value and metrics for valuation - taking into consideration more than just financial performance. We leverage our marketing and strategic analysis capabilities to determine market position, competitive strengths, and fit with the acquiring firm along with standard metrics. We apply multiple industry standard methods of valuation as an internal reference to enable buyers and sellers to be able to negotiate from a position of strength. However, when we are working on the sell-side, our disciplined process for creating a competitive private competition for your company enables us to ensure that we receive the highest potential value based on what the market as a whole is willing to pay. As valuation is also partly realized through deal structure, we pay particular attention to structuring a transaction that maximizes our clients’ value while minimizing business and contractual risk.